Signet ring with 15 carat topaz

Signet ring with 15 carat topaz

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

Many believe that a man should not wear jewellery. However if you are sailing a 200-meter yacht, playing at the Royale-les-Eaux casino or you are CEO of Rosneft, you are probably not particularly interested in what most think.

In the past, kings emphasized their power with insignia. Usually they showed this through a crown or a sceptre. Today, while people don't wear crowns or hold sceptres, the struggle for influence takes place on a much more sophisticated level.

Individual design of a signet ring with large gemstone.

Limousines and tailor-made tuxedos are not enough. What you need is an emblem as meaningful as a sceptre, a symbol of power. The ring below was designed for a customer who knew what they wanted. The 15 carat topaz was specially imported from Brazil for this project.

A man's ring on a hand of a bold player.

The stone has an extremely deep colour and an excellent emerald cut. The large frame is made of 585 gold. The composition is completed by two fields on the sides of the rim filled with plant Labras, with an interwoven celestial element. The weight of the whole is 40 grams.

Signet ring with 15 ct. blue topaz in two colour ore.