Is it worth investing in jewelry?

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

Of course, it is true that in today's reality we must sometimes give priority to more important matters. Wages in relation to the cost of living in Poland are at least 3 times less than in Germany and Great Britain. On the other hand, when we want to invest money a large sum of money, it is much easier to spend a large sum on a new TV or computer than on jewellery.  Many might say, "Of course! After all, buying jewellery is a luxury, not something necessity. " But what is the real value of the purchased electronic gadget? We know well that in today's world what is new now will become a relic of a bygone era tomorrow. So, in a few years our computer will be worth a fraction of the amount initially spent.

Double function of jewelry

Meanwhile, jewellery, unlike electronics or clothes, is not subject to wear and tear: it's timeless. The jewels that I design for my clients will look just as good after several dozen- or even several hundred years! Why do I have that confidence? It is worth learning lessons from history. Gold is the legacy of ancient cultures, and products made from gold thousands of years ago could still fulfil their function today. It can be said that the invested funds have survived the investors! Since such antiques are priceless, they find their way into museums, where we still admire their splendor.

Probably each of us would like to somehow secure a safe place for our future. It is true that there are different ways to invest money, as readers of economic blogs know well. However, a good investor usually uses several available options. In other words, they diversify the portfolio of investment tools, which increases their chances of success and contributes to reducing the investment risk. But is jewellery a safe investment?

Podwójna funkcja biżuterii. Z jednej strony ma wartość lokacyjną, a z drugiej strony ma funkcję reprezentacyjną.

Risk of investing in jewelry

Of course, there have been situations in history where the price of gold has fallen. However, with time it returned to normal or increased. Why? Because gold cannot be printed. It cannot be extracted or produced any more in a natural way. I once came across a scientific study from a dozen or so years ago, which estimated that if gold from all over the world were to be melted into one cube, it would cover an area of 30 m3. There is simply relatively little gold on earth, and due to its steadfast properties, it will always be premium. If we add even rarer precious stones framed in it, and the whole is a unique hand-made product, then we are dealing with something extremely unique and valuable. And it is not the shop label that proves it, but the huge price it can achieve at the auction house. How do you achieve this result?

Fachowe doradztwo jest kluczem do sukcesu również przy zakupie biżuterii.

Professional advice is the key

Before buying, it is good to consult a specialist and avoid chain stores and shopping malls, which impose absurd margins. It may turn out that a hand-made unique product with high-class natural stones from a local jeweller will cost the same as a mass sale from "Tesco jewellery". How is this possible? Instead of paying for fabulously expensive premises in a shopping mall and investing in expensive counters and kilowatts of lighting, a real jeweller focuses on the client and their needs. The buyer is not forced to choose a pattern from the catalog containing a cacophony of products that look the same. A professional jeweller will talk to the client first, get to know their personality, taste, and passion. Then, they will design a unique product based on the client's suggestions. Investment jewellery made in this way can be worn with pleasure, and, if necessary, treated as an investment of capital.