Bee Necklace in Yellow Gold

Price: 7,550 EUR

Bees have astonishing engineering and building skills. The hexagonal shape of the cells allow them to store the maximum amount of honey with the minimal usage of beeswax, of which they are built.
The necklace, presenting a bee during the building of cells and storing honey brings the thought of the start of summer, when we can hear a pleasant noise among the greenery and flowers.

The project will be made using white and black gold. The eye and abdomen will have black diamonds mounted. The body will be made of a 0.40 ct yellow diamond. Carved  topaz will represent the wing. Chain links of the necklace will be mobile, but not twisting.

Optionally, honey can be added to the project in the form of amber.
On request, this can be added into the project drawing. 


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