How to order jewellery?

1. Style

While working on a special project, all specific details regarding the taste of the future owner are helpful. What jewellery they wear, how they dress, favourite colours and other likings could affect the project work in a significant way.

2. Capital

The next aspect is deciding on a budget. Why? The biggest impact on the price are the stones. Our company has been working with stone providers around the world for years. In order to ask the broker about available stones and to design the project, the client’s budget must be indicated.

The minimum budget is 2500 zł. This allows for the making of a gold ring with one natural, high quality stone. We mostly complete orders between 7-50 thousand zloty. However, these are not concrete limits and they can be exceeded by clients expecting the most perfect gems.

3. Gemstones

How can a high-class gem be recognised? The first factor which catches the eye is colour. The most valuable items have a deep, saturated and even colour in the right, most desired shade. The colour should be emphasized by a perfect cut, thanks to which the jewel evenly reflects light.

4. Realization

After deciding the style of product, capital and selecting a stone, the next phase is realization. With more complicated projects, it is preceded by payment of a deposit in a predetermined amount towards the project. After accepting the drawing, the final price will be prepared, including the amount of the deposit for stones and ores. The contract is e-mail correspondence. After completion of the order, the final product will go to a studio where it will be photographed. After receiving the photograph, the client pays the remaining amount confirming in this way, that the contract has been concluded. The jewellery can be collected personally or sent via a courier delivery service, after prior arrangement of the conditions.

Returns and exchange

The final payment which the client makes after receiving the photograph of the piece of jewellery is equal to confirming the conclusion of the contract (email correspondence) and the product cannot be returned. Exchanging for other jewellery is possible after prior arrangement of the conditions.



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