Double Ring with Sapphire

Engagement is one of the most romantic and magical moments in life. How can we make this special moment a memory for the future where it will always remind about this wonderful time? Most important is the full involvement of the artist and future fiancé. After all, an engagement ring is ordered once in a lifetime! So the key is choosing the gems and ore. 

What should the stone be? Diamonds bring an amazing accent as a supplementary stone. Nothing adds charm to jewellery like small, sparkling diamonds – but the main stone should be connected by symbol, colour and shape to the future owner.

Sapphire has been the symbol of royalty, truthfulness, honesty and faithfulness. In folklore, history and art, the sapphire has always been associated as being blue. The highest quality specimens achieve staggering sums. The value is raised by the round, most desirable cut. Such a stone accompanied by diamonds in a unique composition handmade in white gold is a unique gift which proves the feelings of the fiancé and artist’s craftsmanship.


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