Earring Irises with Sapphires

Nature is fascinating. It’s always been a source of inspiration for artists who have witnessed beauty in works of art. In the case of the earring irises, the inspiration for me was both nature and the amazing painting of Vincent Van Gogh. I started from rough sketches and then worked on a way to bring the polished form to the sheet with the gouache technique.

After preparing the design, the concept went to the studio. I decided to make the earrings using a method favoured by French masters. The reverse of the earrings was made with the highest care for specifics. Every stone hole has been cut in such a way, so that the gems will be provided with as much light as possible, changing the reverse of the jewellery into an interesting mozaic. I then set the sapphires in black and yellow 18-karat gold on the whole surface of the earrings.


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