Necklace with Amethyst and Carnelian

I once found a table in an old Soviet book describing the composition of 14-karat gold. That’s why, instead of using harmful nickel, I’ve made a few attempts with palladium (a metal from the platinum family) in 750 alloy. The effect was surprising, because the mostly pink gold but is still very yellowish tint. However, after properly choosing the proportion of palladium to pure gold, I managed to get a much cooler tone. This alloy is unique – I’m yet to come across jewellery with a similar composition of gold.

Now’s the time for stones. Amethyst was first bought for this project in Thailand and had a 38 ct. mass. Due to a clumsy finish, it needed to be re-grinded which made it lose 5 ct, but it gained a beautiful checkerboard cut thanks to the work of a cutter from Italy, Paolo Sacchi. Paolo acquired and polished a set of similar stones, which suited with the amethyst in colour, saturation, cut and cleanliness.

The next step was to find carved carnelian in the shape of flowers. After many weeks, I managed to get the appropriate material and grindery, which shaped it to the projects needs.

Now that I had all of the elements, I could move onto assembling the necklace and framing the stones. This process took a few weeks, but the final effect exceeded all expectations.


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