Pink Ikebana with Diamonds

The history of ikebana (otherwise known as kadō — the way of flowers) as decorative art is already a half thousand years old. In Japan, it’s an artistic style which enjoys great recognition. It involves extracting the natural beauty through the proper arrangement of flowers and other flora, while taking into account the imagination of the creator. What was needed to complete a second project inspired by the way of flowers?

The ring was made in 18 carat palladium gold. I worked on the alloy a year ago for a different flower-based project. The next step was selecting the right diamonds – with the best cut and the same shade of white. When the diamonds reached the ring studio, they already took shape. After mounting all of the elements, the stones were shackled in accordance with past goldsmithing. 

This method of creating the ring means that the final product can be passed on from generation to generation.


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