Turtle Ring with z Tsavorite

Caretta – it’s a kind of sea turtle. When I received the order to design and make the ring with this species as the theme, I ran a small investigation. The life story of this creation is absolutely incredible! After hatching, it goes on an unusual journey, which can reach up to 13,000 kilometers to return to the beach where it once hatched.
How can such a fascinating feat connect to the symbol of engagement? 

Naturally, I started with a pencil and piece of paper. I then contacted an American broker with access to the mine in Lemshuko, Tanzania, where an exotic mineral called Tsavorite comes from – which exceeds the emerald in many respects.

I found a company in England selling aquamarines which would serve as the turtle’s eyes – with 1 mm diameter. After receiving the next package I chose the appropriate size of diamonds, placed around the main stone in the shape of tears. The composition, on request of the client, was mounted in yellow gold.


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