I had a huge problem in trying to choose an engagement ring. I couldn’t find something that was to my taste. That’s when I came across Piotr, who suited everything to my needs and from a combination of classic with a touch of modernness, a ring was made which enchanted me! Piotr’s professional approach, knowledge and involvement are invaluable! It’s with a calm conscience and constant gratitude that I can recommend this artist.

pierścionek z brylantem soliterem w białym złocie

The ring is beautiful. Expertise in every millimeter. Piotr chose the perfect stone to mark the beautiful occasion in which it was handed. I’m sure it won’t be the last time I use the artistic talents of the team. Well done. Thank you.

rózowy szafir w brylantami w różowym złocie
Sylwester Siuta

The ring made for my fiancee by Piotr is a real work of art. The care that went into every little detail can be seen by the naked eye. The ring shines beautifully in the sun. I’m seriously satisfied with the purchase! I don’t know Piotr personally and I’ve never visited his studio. However, I can tell when I’m working with a professional – that was the case here. It’s visible that jewellery making is not just work for him, but above all else, a great passion and way of life. Everyone would like to work with such people. If you would like to give your other half a valuable piece of jewellery, and not something shoddy from a chain store, it’s definitely worth using the services of this jeweller. The price to value is perfect. Quite simply – I recommend him 10/10.

szafir 1 ct z brylantami 0.5 ct w białym złocie

Feelings to another person can’t be shown and put in one thing, but an engagement ring should provide an image or reflection of these feelings. That’s this ring. Amazing quality, care for every specific and an individual approach are elements work dedicated time for the one. Thank you once again.

fioletowy szafir z brylantami w białym złocie

I’m using Piotr Zieliński’s services once again and he hasn’t disappointed. The jewellery has fulfilled all expectations of both myself and my fiancee. Even though we had to wait a while for the final product, the final effect was definitely worth the wait. I seriously recommend this artist.

solitier diament 1 ct w żółtym złocie 750
Piotr Brząkała

The ring matched the idea specified while ordering. Piotr accurately hit my taste, based on the preliminary proposals presented to him, while maintaining a dose of individuality in the final project. The appreciation is due to the careful execution and solid fixing of the stone. The second feature, in the flood of mass competition, is especially worth emphasizing. Those looking for original looking rings, modern or classic, will not be disappointed.

Pierścionek z tanzanitem w białym złocie

The possibilities to work out what materials are used and how the final project is completed are very high. The ring came out exactly how I wanted. The price was also very favourable, because the product can be suited to a certain budget. In my case, the waiting time was around two months. I’m very satisfied with the quality of the ring, it was very well made. I honestly recommend.

Pierścionek z brylantami w białym złocie

I don’t normally leave reviews on the internet, but I couldn’t be indifferent with this. I’ve not met such a coherent person in a long time – reliable, sensitive to beauty, creative and modest. I’m under a huge impression of the artistic soul of Piotr and his talent. The chess figures in the form of pendants which he made for my children were not only worked on in every way, but have perfect proportions and look realistic. Our entire cooperation was perfect – constant contact, open for suggestions and time which we did not have, could be found. After the completion of the project, I got an artistic photo of the pendants which was the icing on the cake for me. I can recommend working with Piotr with great confidence – he’s the right person in the right place!

Zawieszki w kształcie figur szachowych
Lusi Sto

Working with Piotr is an interesting experience which resulted in a ring which took my breath away. Piotr helped me decide the style of the ring, proposed the stone and sent a drawing to be accepted. After the ring was made, I received a photo, followed by a greatly-packed package. I recommend working with Piotr to everyone, who is bored of jewellery shops and is looking for something special for themselves and for their beloved ones.

pierścionek z brylantem w żółtym złocie

Professional advice, very good communication together with experience gives really great results. Piotr approached the topic very individually, and with full commitment. A large openness to the client’s needs allows for timeless products to be created. I really recommend him. I will certainly use your services more than once. Thank you!

pierścionek z turmalinem w kształcie serca i brylantami

It’s impossible to write how beautiful the ring is, because its specific style is not only beauty and precisely made but also suits my liking and style. I couldn’t dream of a better ring. It fully reflects what I like: nature, harmony and originality. Great work!

pierścionek z żółtego złota z rubinem i brylantami

Work with Piotr was definitely a positive experience. Starting from the preliminary conversation and ending on the finished ring, I could always count on a fast response and helpful advice. In my opinion, Piotr knows his profession, thanks to which he is a very trustworthy person, and worth further recommendation. His works are quite simply beautiful.

Pierścionek z tanzanitem w białym złocie

Thank you for the most beautiful, delicate and perfect engagement ring in the world! It’s perfect! I’m delighted.

pierścionek z szafirami w kształcie łzy w żółtym złocie

The engagement ring which I wanted to buy was not available in any jewellery store chain. When I came across Piotr’s website, I saw his work and the passion with which he writes about his creations and I was sure, that I want to order the ring from him. The project went very professionally, we were in constant contact and the final product exceeded my expectations. The ring was amazing and my fiancee was delighted with it.

pierścionek z białego złota z perłą

Full professionalism, which I recommend to everyone.


A real artist, and above all else, a man with passion. Great contact in the event of any kind of question. I recommend him.

Krzysztof Trojnar

A great jeweller. He can meet the most sophisticated and refined expectations of the client (in jewellery of course). Thank you for the earring.

Maciej Kabata

I definitely recommend him. Full professionalism and care for the specifics. The ring which I ordered from Piotr was unusual and in a risky shape. Despite this, he created a masterpiece to which my fiancee said “I couldn’t even imagine a more beautiful ring”.


There’s not much to write about. A good and careful jeweller. He knows metal work and draws very nicely. You have to pay for the quality you get, but it’s definitely worth it – and the more the faster. I heartily recommend him.

Gregory McGregor

I highly recommend Zielinski Art! Beautiful jewellery of the highest quality, trouble-free contact and production process. If someone is looking for unique pieces of jewellery art, he will definitely be satisfied.

Adam Cugowski