szafir 1 ct z brylantami 0.5 ct w białym złocie


The ring made for my fiancee by Piotr is a real work of art. The care that went into every little detail can be seen by the naked eye. The ring shines beautifully in the sun. I’m seriously satisfied with the purchase! I don’t know Piotr personally and I’ve never visited his studio. However, I can tell when I’m working with a professional – that was the case here. It’s visible that jewellery making is not just work for him, but above all else, a great passion and way of life. Everyone would like to work with such people. If you would like to give your other half a valuable piece of jewellery, and not something shoddy from a chain store, it’s definitely worth using the services of this jeweller. The price to value is perfect. Quite simply – I recommend him 10/10.