A tie clip with a sapphire.

Tie clip

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

What distinguishes a well-dressed man? Many will agree that a smart suit, along with attention to detail sets him apart from the rest. A well-chosen tie with a pocket square, buttonhole, belt, cufflinks and a tie clip display excellent taste and show respect for the favoured outfits of politicians, businessmen and lawyers.

Interest in suit fashion is fuelled by movies and TV series, such as: "Mad Men", "Broardwalk Empire" or "Suits", in which suits are worn every day for work.

Individual desing of a tie clip

One accessory that is going through a real renaissance is the tie clip. Not so long ago, it was nothing more than a gift from a partner, bought in a suit store. Today, there are many well-groomed, well-dressed men who order personalized accessories in gold and platinum, with natural stones.

Bespoke tie clip with ceylon sapphire