A cushion cut sapphire ring.

A cushion cut sapphire ring.

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

Until some 100 years ago, an engagement was a regular contract between two ordinary people who were planning to get married. Currently, the strength of the person's feelings must be demonstrated by properly selected jewelry in the form of a gift. What does an engagement ring mean?

In Western cultures, it has been assumed that the person wearing an engagement ring is committed to getting married. The ring is presented as gift by the man who is proposing.

Of course, the most popular stone for an engagement is a diamond. However, exotic coloured stones, especially ones cut in an unusual style, are a very interesting alternative.

The ring below is an example of this.: the main sapphire has a cushion cut, which is complemented by a halo of diamonds. The ring is made of white 14k gold.

Cushion cut sapphire with diamond halo in white 14k gold.