Retro ring with tourmaline and diamonds in green gold .

Retro ring with tourmaline and diamonds

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

The word "retro" comes from a Latin prefix that literally means "back" or "into the past." It may bring to mind the modernism of the post-war years, manifested in the art of that time.

Retro style often refers to new things that have characteristics of the past. Contrary to the historicism of the romantic generations, it is the more recent retro style that focuses on products, fashions and artistic styles from the time of the industrial revolution. It can be said that this style symbolizes a fundamental shift in our perception of the past.

This change of optics was a source of inspiration for me. In my work, I often combine modern functionality with old design. That is why I was very happy when Mr. Przemysław wrote to me asking me to design a retro-style ring. It was to reflect old, modernist products that had large stones, while maintaining a precise, modern finish.

I started my work by looking for a suitable stone. I chose 5 ct. chrome tourmaline, which comes from Mozambique. I entered the contour of the stone into the marquise, which I then divided into four quarters of the same shape. Along the axis of the marquise, I placed decorative mirrors, converging to the stone setting. Each quarter has diamonds and is finished with lace. The whole piece is handcrafted in green 14k gold.

Green tourmaline ring with diamonds.

Green tourmaline, marquise ring.

Marquise ring with green tourmaline and diamonds in green gold.