A gopher ring with sapphire and diamonds in two-color gold.

Gopher ring

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

During the winter, many animals hibernate. In the case of the spotted gopher, this process begins when the ambient temperature drops to 10 ºC (September / October), and hibernation lasts up to six months (males wake up in mid-March, females at the beginning of April).

The spotted gopher is an endangered species, under strict protection.  Its even included on the ‘Red List of Endangered Species’, meaning it is under the strictest protection.

The reason for the drastic decline in the gopher’s population is due to the damage done to this specie’s natural habitat: economic development has resulted in a decline in the amount of fallow land and pastures, as well as changes in the conduct of agricultural economy.

The charm of this animal and its love of rest prompted me to design a unique ring. A ground squirrel is asleep curled up around the main stone, while the band will be bejewelled with diamonds. In the drawing, I also highlighted the colour difference of the two ores to emphasize the characteristic features of the animal's appearance. The head and belly will be white, while the body and tail will be red gold.

A concept sketch of a gopher ring with sapphire and diamonds.