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My name is Piotr Zieliński. I have always loved nature. Before school, I collected feathers, looked at plants under a toy microscope, and drew animals. Interpreting the rules of the kingdom of flora and fauna became my introduction to the world of art and design. My interest in the details of design and architecture led me to seek a medium through which I could realise very accurate microscale designs in a three-dimensional form. The natural world inspired me. With this mindset, I began experimenting with painting, sculpture, drawing, and music. After years of exploring and practising various fields of art, I discovered gold - a magnificent eternal ore with unlimited possibilities.

Jeweller or goldsmith?

Piotr Zielinski

Today, the word 'jeweller' means a salesman. It is someone who trades in gold products. Jeweller is a word associated with a showroom in a shopping mall filled with manufactured jewellery and watches. Few people hearing the word can link it to its German origin. The word 'Juwelier' has its roots in the word 'Juwel' meaning jewel. Etymologically speaking, a jeweller works with jewels, which captures the nature of the job and focuses on designing, creating, and selling jewellery. 

On the other hand, 'goldsmith' refers to an artisan who specialises in working with and on gold. A goldsmith works not only with gold but also with other precious metals such as silver and platinum. His work involves forging, soldering, finishing, and shaping these metals into different shapes to create jewellery products such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, or other ornaments.

"Jewellery has become a synonym for all of the values that I recognise in art."

My work combines the old meaning of the word jeweller with the profession of a goldsmith. However, that is not all. The craft has its limitations, mainly conceptual. Therefore, my initial relationship with the client is not a conversation about technique. Nor is it a conversation about precious stones. First of all, I listen carefully. I listen to the other person's expression to understand their point of view. I recognise the taste and notice nuances. Using questions, I bring out what moves, uplifts, and delights the client. 

Only then can I materialise the findings on paper into a design. Does this mean that I dispassionately take into account everything the client says? Art is about interaction. It originates from sensitivity, the penetration of ideas, and a love of beauty. That is what my creativity is about.

Handicraft or art?

You can define art as a creative or emotional expression that aims to inspire, interpret, or communicate conceptual and aesthetic ideas. Art can be abstract and subjective. It often evokes emotion, reflection, or even provokes. It is a manifestation of the artist's vision, which is not necessarily subject to the rules or standards of artistic practice. 

On the other hand, handicraft is the ability to perform specific actions or creations practically, often based on traditional techniques and principles. It focuses on precision and technical craftsmanship and usually emphasises functionality and repetition. 

Art is often guided by experimentation, innovation, and creative freedom, while craft focuses more on tradition, techniques, and fabrication. However, there is an area where art and craft intersect - craft art. Craft art combines aesthetics and precision when the maker uses traditional craft skills to create pieces of exceptional artistic and functional value.

The art of immortal goldsmithing

My work combines all the above elements and is a manifesto of admiration for beauty. It is a kind of hymn to nature. It is a precious heirloom to pass on to the next generation. The fruits of such interactions are beautiful designs and new friendships. In this way, something unique and immortal is created. 

I invite you to explore the gallery of works based on the above creative model. Each photo is a separate story. In the Knowledge Base section, you can learn about the backstage of my workshop, the basics of gemmology, and the customs and symbolism accompanying various gems. The offer brings you closer to the stages of realisation of the different types of jewellery. Various fashion magazines have recognised my work. In the Press section, you can see an overview of the publications. Finally, I invite you to contact me, collaborate, and enjoy creating together. 

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