Where do the inspirations for my designs come from? Sometimes they are drawn from the nature. A dream can also be a source of inspiration. Many ideas start to appear after an interview with the client. Meeting people is fascinating and can be a source of amazing ideas. Such inspirations, transferred to paper and then materialized into fine jewellery, are more than just a beautiful decorations. Each photo represents a story, behind which there is a collaboration between me and the client. The results of each collaboration is not only a unique project, but also a new friendship.

Engagement ring with ruby
Signet with garnet phoenix in gold
Ring with black opal
Ring with wave and sapphire
Gold watch bracelet
Custom plant rings with leaves
Custom hammered wedding rings
Men's custom gold ring
Men's ring with opal and black diamonds
Rosette diamond ring
Bespoke diamond cufflinks
Custom-made ring with an orange stone
Bespoke signet ring with onyx
Bespoke ring with emerald in yellow gold
Bespoke ring with huge cognac moissanite
Bespoke mens ring with daggers
Floral wedding rings with colored gemstones
A bracelet with a cobra getting ready to attack.
Astronomic ring with custom cut sapphire
Antique snake bracelet.
Ring with an emerald heart in black gold and black diamonds.
A ring with an emerald cut diamond.
Ring with Indigo Tourmaline
Palladium gold ring with rectangular sapphire
Family signet rings with moissanites in yellow gold 585.
A tie clip with a sapphire.
Galaxy ring with sapphire and diamonds.
Snowflake necklace with blue topaz in 18k gold
Floral necklace with tanzanite and diamonds.
Earrings with African chrysoprase and amethyst in yellow gold.
Retro ring with tourmaline and diamonds in green gold ..
A set of jewelery with diamonds and sapphires
Bracelet with yellow sapphire and diamonds in white gold.
Necklace with baroque tanzanite
Ring with morganite and a floral motif on the wedding ring.
Vesuvius ring with two-color tourmaline in yellow gold
Yellow gold locket necklace with diamond.
Men's cufflinks with a Siamese fighting fish
Necklace in the form of foaming waves with baroque Baltic amber and pearls.
Earrings with emeralds and diamonds
Floral necklace with amethyst and carved carnelian in 18k rose gold.
Baroque ring with a perfect diamond
Serotonin molecule necklace with sapphires in rose gold
Floral tourmaline ring in yellow gold.
Clownfish earring with diamonds and pearls in gold and titanium.
Ring with colored sapphires in white gold.
Turtle ring with tsavorite and diamonds in green gold
Black diamond-studded jumping jaguar ring.
A cushion cut sapphire ring.
Ring with red spinel and diamonds
Ring with opal and diamonds
Earrings with irises featuring three colour sapphires.
Pear pendant with black diamonds
A gopher ring with sapphire and diamonds in two-color gold.
Floral earrings with emeralds
Cufflinks for a fan of cars and hunting
Floral necklace with various shaped diamonds.
Necklace in the shape of plumeria flowers with diamonds.
Black opal crane ring in two-tone gold with diamonds
Men's Inca gold bracelet with lapis lazuli and yellow diamond.
Set with amethysts and emeralds
Ring with blueberry pearls and tsavorite.
Flamingo ring with pink sapphire in rose gold.
Opal necklace in yellow 18k gold.
Necklace with a bee on a honeycomb
Necklace with pearls and topazes in gold
Necklace with tanzanite and diamond inlaid leaves.
White gold halo ring.
Platinum rings with engraving
Provence wedding rings
Signet ring with an unusual sapphire and a feather in white gold.
Reconstruction of an antique pearl ring
Flower ring with sapphire and diamonds
The Tibetan hellebore ring
Ring with Green Tourmaline
Ring with emerald and sapphires in two tone gold.
Ring with three heart-shaped sapphires
Engagement ring with cushion cut sapphire and diamonds in rose gold
Tiger signet Ring
Crown ring with sapphire
Rose palladium gold ring
750 gold necklace with ametrines and pink sapphires.
Ring with an emerald sphere with diamonds in yellow gold.
Ring with a pink diamond
Necklace with rainbow topaz, Malaya garnet and zircon in 750 green gold.
Family initial signet ring
Puzzle - family necklace
Necklace in the form of coral made of gold with amber and diamonds in yellow 14k gold.
Earrings with rubies in the shape of wings.
Equinox Flower ring featuring a  pink sapphire with brilliants in rose gold
Necklace for mother with a diamond.
A set of women's wedding rings set with diamonds
Yellow gold rings with sapphires and diamonds, matched to the ring.
Necklace with a bear and opal.
Floral wedding rings.
Gold wedding rings with rainbow topaz
Jewelery set with Bolivian amethyst and diamonds in white gold.
Sugarloaf shaped amber with diamonds set in Baltic sea waves ring
Sea wave necklace with amber and diamonds
Fantasy sword bracelet
Bracelet with a platinum anchor holding an Asscher cut diamond.
Signet ring with an initial in lapis lazuli in engraved gold
Signet ring with 15 carat topaz
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About me

My name is Piotr Zielinski and I’m a jeweller. Details have always fascinated me. After years of learning, jewellery has become a synonym for all of the values that I recognise in art.

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This section contains short texts that answer a number of questions that may be asked when ordering jewellery.

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