Necklaces offer

Perfect necklace

A fine necklace is a complex decorative item, including intricately intertwined links. Depending on the design, a necklace may join to meet the main stone in the middle. Richer concepts vary, from a string of links, to elaborate garlands falling freely around the neckline, creating a mosaic of tens or hundreds of stones.

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How is perfection created?

A unique project always consists of three basic factors that, in cooperation with the client, are the keys to designing the perfect piece.

Individual approach

1. Individual approach

A necklace is the most difficult pieces of jewellery to make. Therefore, it is crucial to have an interview before starting any project. Any information about the preferences of the future owner and the jewellery they usually wear is helpful at this stage.

Design and gems

2. Design and gems

Based on the interview, a project is started. At this stage, we can still make changes to the drawing and modify it. When the project is approved by the client, I start looking for gems. Finding the perfect layout is a big challenge. Only when I am sure that I have managed to get a set of stones of the highest class, the offer is finally completed and a deposit for the materials should be paid.

Precise craftsmanship

3. Precise craftsmanship

Before the gemstones reach my studio, I start working with the precious metal. I prepare the settings, the fasteners, and assemble the chain. After receiving the gems, they are inspected and then set in the necklace. The final stage is the studio photo. The finished jewellery can be delivered by a representative throughout Europe or you can collect it in person from the studio.


Lifetime warranty

Together with the finished piece of jewellery, the customer receives a certificate with a hologram outlining all of its parameters. The fine metal that has been used is confirmed with a national hallmark assigned individually for each product by the Polish Assay Office.

Necklace design

First of all comfortable and elegant

From many years of practice, I have noticed that the key, above all, is to give the client a feeling of freedom. The product should be flexible and organic, but at the same time it should not twist or tangle. Thin chains that break after three months are not an option. Each necklace I create has a lifetime guarantee.

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I'm Piotr Zieliński. I am a jeweler.

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My name is Piotr Zielinski and I’m a jeweller. Details have always fascinated me. After years of gaining knowledge, jewellery has become a synonym for all of the values that I recognise in art.

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