Modern ring with green moissanite

Kelp forest ring

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

There are many ecosystems that are inaccessible to most people… one of them is the kelp forest. It is a unique underwater environment in which algae are as tall as literal trees. In this environment, there are both a young and an old forest, as well as a misty one. Many species of fish- crustaceans and even sharks- inhabit this environment.

Unfortunately, although these underwater ecosystems are not generally accessible to humans, they are being damaged by global warming, water pollution, and fishing.

Due to their complexity, the protection of such forests is extremely difficult. Greed and a lack of forward thinking are obstacles at every step.

A concept sketch of a bespoke ring

The amazing structures that make up the kelp forest became the inspiration to create a unique ring. The wedding ring forks towards the main frame, in which kelp bands hold a unique stone (a 17-carat moissanite in the colour of sea water.) This mineral of cosmic origin has parameters similar to a diamond. Currently, it is sourced ethically under controlled conditions. However, even then, crystals of this size and colour are extremely rare. The whole ring is made of solid green gold in a satin finish.

Bespoke modern ring with green moissanite