Earrings with African chrysoprase and amethyst in yellow gold.

Earrings with African chrysoprase

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

Frequently, classic design is viewed as something very common. For many, it is something too obvious, even overused. Because of such views a significant number of today's designers depart from the classic designs and try to set new trends in all areas of art. What effect does this have?

A design of a bespoke set of earrings.

Many now reject the heritage developed by previous generations. Gradually, the boundaries between what is beautiful and ugly, elaborate and simple, or precious and worthless are blurred. This causes a kind of information overload, causing confusion and a form of anxiety characteristic of the 21st century.

A genuine jeweller respects tradition and traditional methods. This allows for experimentation with materials; combining shapes and colours during the project. 

Assmebly of handcrafted earrings.

I had the idea for an amethyst with African chrysoprase after I had mad many different of drawings. I found a broker that offered a beautiful set of African chrysoprase, weighing a total of 24 ct. This original combination, supplemented with yellow gold, resulted in a beautiful composition.

Unusual combination of colours and form creates a thing of beauty.