Signet ring with an unusual sapphire and a feather in white gold.
signet rings

Signet ring with a feather

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

Feathers possess a heavenly quality; their lightness symbolises the ability that you can rise above everything else. 

This was the thought behind the design of the signet, which Ms. Anna commissioned for her husband, a director. The feather motif had a symbolic meaning in this project, well understood only by the future owner.

Individual design of a bespoke signet ring.

After interviewing the client, I drew two designs for the ring. The band of the signet ring widens upwards to embrace the main bezel. In the centre there is a Ceylon sapphire with an emerald cut, giving the shape to the setting. The feather passes under the frame and fills the space on top of the shoulders of the ring.

Second concept sketch showing the top of the custom signet ring with emerald cut sapphire.

Emerald cut sapphire set in white gold frame with a symbolic feather running underneath.